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About some smartphone myths. Are they real or fake (PART-1)

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Nowadays Everyone has a smartphone on their hands. It totally changed our life. We do so many things with this smartphone, we can call anyone or text anyone more than we can take photos, shoot videos, watch movies, can open maps,... Ha...We can do more right?

Since the first smartphone was invented (In 1992, not the phone! I said smartphone). It took so many upgrades but We don't know some myths about smartphones that they are real or fake. So, In this blog, I will give information that myths are correct or wrong or WHAT'S THE REASON BEHIND IT...

1.Your cellphone can start a fire in a gas station (we can also say that the petrol station)

well., No know will argue with me that if say petrol or diesel are highly flammable means it can create fire by just starting a spark But remember that YOUR PHONE WON'T CREATE SPARK!! and it will start a fire if it has a defective battery (which is unlikely). but why the cellphone is restricted in gas stations. The reason is smartphone can and does distract drivers from the task at hand And being careless and inattentive while fueling your car can lead to serious accidents.

2.When you charge your phone overnight. Your phone will be damaged

You want to know one thing that we called it as smartphone means it is smart, It knows when it's supposed to stop charging but If a decade ago, overcharging will damage your phone but you don't need to worry now but remember don't use a defective battery to your phone, It is dangerous.....

3.If you dropped your smartphone in water, Keep it in Rice. Your phone will dry.

Many people believe that when you drop your phone in water, Keep it in rice because water will be absorbed by that grain but rice grain can absorb water if it has direct contact with water. It was proved that after 48 hours, the rice only absorbed 13% of the water from that phone. By the time the phone fully dried, corrosion will damage your phone delicate electronics completely

4.Your phone can cook an Egg for your breakfast(not only for breakfast...)

"your phone can cook an egg " become more popular in social media but Bad news for those who believe this myth. The amount of radiation a cell phone emits is so small that you would need 7,000 smartphones to boil an egg and even this number is very approximate since nobody has checked it yet.

5.Smartphone can make your credit card useless(smartphone can demagnetize your credit or debit card ).

Someone may recommend you that keep away from your phone from credit or debit card. Your smartphone has a magnetic field but it is very weak that it won't affect your credit or debit card but keep in mind the fridges magnetic filed can affect your credit or debit card

6. magnets can delete your data from your phone

It's true that if you have a powerful magnet, It an erase or corrupt data which is in a floppy disk and tapes which you bring it near. but your smartphone is safe and also some tiny magnets used in smartphones or some applications but if you bring a magnet to near to smartphone it distracts some applications like compass or maps or some gaming applications also.

7.Let your phone's battery drain completely before recharging.

One of the worst things you can do to your phone's battery is to keep draining it. Every lithium-ion battery has a certain number of charge cycles (which is running the battery from 100 to 0%). Modern phone batteries have about 400 to 500 cycles and if you let your battery drain every day, your phone won't last longer than a year and

a half. Some experts recommend draining your phone's battery completely only if your device quit working at a 20% charge.

8.If your phone has more megapixels then you can get the best pictures.

Most people believe that the number of megapixels is the best indicator of how good your pictures are gonna be. What they don't know is that not the number of megapixels but their quality plays the main role here. A 12-megapixel camera can be way better than a 16-megapixel one. High-quality pixels are also larger, and fewer of them have to be crammed into a single picture.

PART-2 will come soon, till then stay tuned.......

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